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Mahabharata - The name itself brings with it a heavyweight history full of drama, turmoil in relationships and a saga that became the greatest war epic the world has ever known. For members who aren’t familiar with the story of Mahabharata, can get ample of information from the internet. Few are provided below;



We agreed on developing the game on one condition, pure gaming experience based on a strong and intense storyline. We have picked some of the strongest and legendary icons from the story, that has helped us in creating an action-adventure mobile game. We have stuck to the fighting method of that era i.e. archery, sword fight and range and melee combat, that will give the player an adrenaline rush of an intense war and battle experience.

The game also pitches on some unearthly creatures and supernatural powers that will make the fight more interesting, engaging and entertaining. What makes the gameplay more absorbing and fascinating is the puzzle format of the Chakravyuha, (“chakra” means wheel and “vyuha” means spinning.) a spinning wheel war formation that will make the player go haywire.

If this builds some curiosity amongst you about the game, we would love to hear about it in this thread. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about the game “Legend of Abhimanyu”

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